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Debut Single "Country Star" Released Today!

Friday, November 24, 2017

In January 2017, Paul Knakk teamed up with Producer Jeff Huskins at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, TN to begin recording his single "Country Star".

Growing up on all of the music that the 1990's had to offer, Knakk says the songwriting always comes first. Knakk explains, "If you can't feel what I'm writing about then I'm not doing my job as a songwriter and musician. Regardless of how catchy the song is, I still wanted each song to have a story that others can relate to. On this song, every line creates a story and every story has a meaning.

"I want to personally thank everyone for the support over the last 8 years. Without you I would never have made it to this point in my career and I am incredibly thankful for that. Releasing my debut single to the public is an exciting experience and I'm ecstatic that I get to share it with so many friends. I hope you fall in love with this song as much as I did." -Paul Knakk

Paul Knakk's single "Country Star" is now available on all online-retail websites and streaming services.

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