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Rebel with a Cause

Sunday, July 24, 2016


[Intro] (A cappella)
This struggle is building inside of me
I'm trying to get back on my feet
I'm humble when it comes to my beliefs
This struggle has got me down on my knees

I'm searching for things unknown to me
Like the answers to questions I feel could make me complete
I'm staring at the ceiling above me
When I lay in my bed and my mind won't allow me to sleep.

Ooohhh Ohhh Ohhhh
I've been searching for something that I can't seem to find
Ooohhh Ohhh Ohhhh
I'm doing everything that I can to make this mine
...It's just a matter of time.

I'm marching to follow my dreams.
I won't stop until I hit every one I was told I could not complete
But now I'm running shaking the dust from my feet.
'Cause when I stop I wanna be able to look at those people and say.....Hey, look at me!


You're not gunna stop me now,
Nothing can stop me now. x2

You're not gunna stop me now.

My mother, she once told me
She said, "Listen son, while you're young you should spread your wings...
Because you never know what the world will bring
When you do what you love and you make people proud, your words will move crowds like the sea, they will sing"



Work all day, drive all night, just waiting for my week to end.
When Friday comes, I'm out that door, and I'm ready to raise some hell.
But before I leave I gotta run to the cellar to grab my bottle of booze.
We're heading down to the country side, out in the woods, this is how we do.

So get your tailgate down and get a little loud 'cause it's gunna go down tonight.
Call all your friends, this party never ends, and it's gunna be a good time.

When the moonshines down on our city,
we've got that moonshine out and we pass it around.
When the moon shines down on our country,
burn fires on the ground 'till that sun comes out.
When the moon shines down on our whiskey,
we've got that moonshine out and we pass it around.
When the moon shines down on our city,
we've got that moon shine, the moonshine, we drink the moonshine down.

Sit around and think about the good old days,
when the family got together and the music was playing.
Man how things have changed, we shake our heads, we all keep saying
how these years go by, it gets harder every time to keep us together.
But we'll always find, there's been harder times, and there's been colder weather.

So strap up your boots and get a little loose, 'cause it's gunna go down tonight.
Call all your friends, this party never ends, and it's gonna be a good time.


So hit the dirt path, rock hard, go fast.
Only a little bit of minutes 'till your drinking to your present or past
with Knakk, Cash, Jack, Johnny, and Jim.
It's the three wise men and the boys from the harkland.
Showing a little bit of skin passed the music and trends,
kickin' back with the drinks, food, fires, and friends.
Tearing up the ground with tire treads bigger than fists,
so if you're feeling a little country, come get in on this.
Let em' show you how it's down on this side of the states.
Party with the fam, let em' give you a taste.
We got whiskey so smooth, so open up your mouth,
'cause we party in the north like they do in the south.


I Had You

[Verse 1]
Traveling down this old road
to see my girl but I should have known she was too far gone.
I shouldn't have expected her to wait.
Now I'm sitting here while my head hangs low
Thinking about the world we used to know and how it's about to change
and things with us will never be the same.

Staring out the window of this plane
I hope you know you'll always hold a special place

In my heart
In my head
In my past and in my present and in my future, as a man.
In my life
In my soul
there will always be a fire it just won't be burning as bright as before.

[Verse 2]
I took a week away to find myself
drinking whiskey at a bar in paradise thinking that could help anyone
who's going through just about anything.
But I'm afraid to say that's just not the case.
After those first days I found a pain that I just couldn't shake.
Man I hate how love can be such a fickle little thing.



Before we had those arguments about all those little things
Before we allowed our heads and stresses to get in our way
Before we started saying things that we really didn't mean
Before you go I have to tell you this one last thing..

I've been staring out the window of this plane
You need to know you'll always hold a special place...

[Chorus] x2


She's got them boots, them daisy dukes,
yeah she's showing off them legs.
She's dancing around with her hair down,
she loves when that country plays.
So I said "Shoot, what have I got to lose?"
So I bought her a shot of Jack D.
I said "Come on over here, I'll have me a beer and you
can shake your boots with me"

I've been playing the same old songs in different bars with my
up until that night I was fine.
I saw her dancing with that long hair and the shorts that h
ad every other guy staring,
but I knew she was mine.

But I was lookin at her, she was lookin at me,
she moved her hips in a way that could make it hard to breathe
but she knew the only thing that I could do was smile.
So I jumped off stage and I took her hand,
I spun her around a few times then,
we both knew it was right.


Now we're up on the big stage, staring at bright lights,
playing to one hell of a crowd.
It's the feel of that kick drum that's making your foot stomp
down on this part of town.
It won't be long 'till ya'll are singing our songs
and it's our name on that marquee.
But I'll still remember the girl who rocked my world back
in the bar scene.

I've been burned up, burned down, burned out on love.
But the way you lookin got me so strung up.
It's got me tellin' my friends I can't get enough.

Shake your boots with me x2
We'll dance the night away
Shake your boots with me

The Road

Girl I swear I can't get enough.
If looks could kill, I'd damn sure be done.
The way you smile and play with your hair,
and when you look at me, girl I swear...
You know just how to turn me on.

But guys like me ain't easy to love.
9 times out of 10, I'm the stubborn one.
When I'm on the road and you're sitting at home,
just know I think about you all night long.
And what I'm gunna do when we're alone.

You keep me together, you keep me going strong.
I can't stop missing you when I'm so damn far.

I can't do anything without seeing your face around me.
I can't go anywhere without feeling your love and it feels so sweet, baby,
your heart is a blessing, your touch makes me weak.
Girl I'm not begging but I'm down on one knee.
Just hoping that the only thing that you are missing is me.

God knows before you I was stuck.
Just sitting around throwing sticks in the mud.
I was hanging in heavy, I was raising hell,
trying to earn trust from the devil himself.
But then you showed up.



The only thing I need to get by
is a good crowd, sunshine, good vibes, and your hand in mine.


Rebel With A Cause

Ever since I was young I never took an order well.
I beat my own drum, made decisions for myself.
I carved my own path, chased my own dreams.
'Cause I knew I never wanted to be the man you were making me.

Wipe the dust off this hat, the dirt from these boots.
Walk a line just like Cash, with or without you.
Because I'm my own man, I'll do what needs to be done,
and I won't stop 'till I'm at the doorstep of the house of the rising sun.

Don't you dare tell me who I need to be,
I'll make it on my own.
I swear my knees have hit the concrete
more times than you know.
But I've run through the valley, I've swam through the stream,
I've danced with a devil trying to make a fool out of me.
Just because I didn't follow never meant that I was lost.
You better believe I'll always be a rebel with a cause.

I don't need one hand on a book
to look you in the eyes.
I'm giving you the truth,
'Cause I ain't got nothing to hide.
I was raised an honest man,
told to stand for what I believe.
I built this house with callused hands
and if ya'll don't like it you can leave.



Don't you dare tell me who I need to be,
I'll make it on my own.
I swear when my knees leave this concrete...


Be a rebel with a cause
Be a rebel with a cause
I'm a rebel with a cause.


[Verse 1]
I know a girl, stood behind a wall
So many tied to bring her down, but now she's moving along.
But she's a thief. She don't work in the night.
Stole my heart when I thought it was guarded in broad daylight.

I'm outside of your door, so open up.
I'm addicted to you like I am an adrenaline rush.

[Verse 2]
She worked alone, she didn't need a team.
But one thing that she did not know was that she met her match in me.
'Cause I was the same, I was the best shot in town.
I was quick with my aim when I knew what I wanted up until she came around.

I'm so caught up in this moment and I can't figure out
How she lit a spark inside my mind and this fire's dancing around.

I should be running away, running away from you.
I've never felt this way, begging to stay with you.
There's a fire inside of my heart, it's burning up.
I'm addicted to you like I am an adrenaline rush.

[Verse 3]
She's got a heart that's been worn on her sleeve.
But that's back before she had ever stood on a carpet that was torn from beneath her feet

Now I'm outside of your door waiting to pick you up.
I'm addicted to you like I am an adrenaline rush.



Bottom of the Bottle

7am, your alarm's going off
gotta get outta bed but you're feeling lost
you can't see a thing and your legs are feeling weak.
Tired as hell, you stumble down the stairs,
you're running late for work but you don't even care
got an untucked shirt, wrong shoes, no time to spare.

So you park your car and you take your stuff out
walk through the door and you counting down
only 8 more hours until your weekend begins.
So you stop to talk and you stop to drink
and you stop working because you stop to think
you're doing everything you can to make this day end.

You've been waiting around just to feel the way you wanted
So come on down, let's get this party started.

If you've got the time and they've got the beer
we've got a funky little jam that you've been dying to hear
so turn us up and turn down the radio.
Raise your glass, cheers to life
and slam it on the table it's a damn good night
and the next day we don't remember a thing
but the bottom of the bottle of the beer we drank.

Wake up the next day and your eyes are red
you can still smell the alcohol on your breath
you've got smoke in your clothes from toking on the grass.
There you sit while you reminisce
with your friends that blacked out as fast as you did
just trying to make sense of the events that are being found

So you piece your night with the pictures they take
and you see yourself with people you didn't even meet
but you've got the hair of the dog that bit you in the ass.
So you get up and run to the fridge,
and you crack a cold one and you pack a lip
because a little pregame, well, it never did hurt no one.




"The title "Rebel With a Cause" isn't just a name, it's who I am and who I've always been. You should never not stand for something in your life, especially if you firmly believe in it. With this album in particular, I chose to stand by my music. Every song has a story and every story has a meaning. I want to personally thank everyone for the support over the last 8 years. Without you I would never have made it to this point in my career and I am incredibly thankful for that. Releasing my first album to the public is an exciting experience and I'm ecstatic that I get to share it with so many friends. I hope you love it as much as we do." -Paul Knakk
Sound Engineer
John Rupp at Sixwill Studios
John Rupp & Geoff Black at Sixwill Studios
John Rupp at Sixwill Studios
Paul Knakk, The Road (Knakk & Black), Bottom of the Bottle (Knakk & Black)
Acoustic Guitar / Vocals
Paul Knakk
Steve Faccenda
Lead Electric, Rhythm Electric, Mandolin, Percussion, Keys, Lap Steel, Acoustic, Bass Guitar
Geoff Black
Background Vocals on "Rebel With A Cause"
Lea McNamara
Background Vocals on "Struggle" & "Bottom of the Bottle"
Ashley Thomas, Donn Jacoby, Alex Jacobs, Justin Mitchell, Dane DiMarcantonio, Kyle Jenkins, Alex Goerlich, Tommy Shober, Dylan Sager, Ryan Leitgeb, Ben Blake, Geoff Black, John Rupp, Colin Kistler
Special Thanks
Chelsey Fredlund, Lisa Brodeau, Tiffany Luckenbill, Angie Guardiola, Coyotes Band, Rich Knakkergaard, Kevin Carroll, Nicholas Cobb, Jennifer Bogari, Kyle Fatzinger, Jenny Buck, Jamie Hauze,Jerry Geyer, Brittany Bell, Bruneo's, Steph Synoracki, Matt Harmer

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